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Photo of Executive Chef Steve Harris

Executive Chef Steve Harris

Executive Chef

Steve comes to us with decades of restaurant and hospitality experience. We asked him to put together a bio in his own words, so here it is.

“I grew up in a small town in Southern Rhode Island. I had a paper route from the age 8, the money was good. At the age of 12 I decided I wanted to be a rock star so I told my dad I wanted a guitar and amp that cost about $300, (he was a guitar player as well) he laughed and said I guess you better get a higher paying job. I had a friend working at a local place called the Chowder House owned by Stu Tucker, who owned a few restaurants and the biggest seafood market and restaurant in town. I was there for about 6 months when one Friday he came and said hey Kid, My fry cook at Tuckers Seafood walked out I need you to come and run the fryolator. I of course said yes sir and drove me there. He did not tell me that they sold 4-500 orders on Friday nights. I was hooked. I worked on and off for Mr Tucker for the next 4 years. After awhile I wanted to learn more about cooking. So off I went to the local restaurant that my brother worked at and some of my friends. The Red Rooster Tavern. This was the most expensive and popular restaurant around . This was 1985. I got hired as a line cook for $5 an hour. Big raise.  I worked under Chef Normand Leclaire, a local celebrity and amazing chef, restauranteur and mentor. I worked through all positions. Cook, bartender, host, bus boy, waiter, manager and eventually owner. Fast forward, I travelled across the country and cooked for movie stars, musicians, politicians and some of the best chef’s in the country. In providence I worked with an amazing Italian Chef named Fabrizio Ianucci from Sardinia. I really learned to  cook then. Flavor profiles, seasonal ingredients, how to build flavors with simple fresh ingredients. My wife and I eventually purchased his restaurant in 1999. Ristorante Pizzico was an acclaimed award-winning restaurant. Those three men were crucial to my development as a restauranteur and Executive Chef.  So many have influenced me but those are the ones that made me the hospitality expert that I think I am. Education wise I studied culinary arts at Johnson and Wales University in Providence and enology ( Wine) at UCLA Davis. I am fluent in wine and food and the service piece really came together with the help of my Wife Doreen who learned under many masters of hospitality. She is a real pro and an expert at attention to detail. I am happy to bring my high levels of standards and culinary integrity to this wonderful Club and to be working with Harry Turner and all of you. Cheers!!”

Chef Steve